Our team

ZEJA was born after a group of journalists met during a climate change workshop, and decided that more MUST be done

ZEJA members visit a borehole in Domboshawa during a Climate Change Media Workshop

Executive committee

  • Farai Matebvu Chairman
  • Rugare Dhobbie Vice Chair
  • Gilbert Munetsi Secretary General
  • Fungai Hungwe Treasurer
  • Monica Cheru Secretary, Education and Training Development
  • Peter Makwanya Secretary, Research and Development
  • Kuda Mazuru Secretary, Resources and Archival Management
  • Lainah Makuzha Publications  Editor
  • Charles Saki Web Editor

Central Region Committee

  • Laina Makuzha Vice-Chairperson
  • Patrice Makova Secretary, Information and Publicity

Board of Trustees

  • Minister Hon. F. Nhema Patron
  • A Washington Zhakatadvisor
  • Farai Matebvu Chairman
  • Gilbert Munetsi Secretary General
  • Kingdom Banking
  • Professor Nyimo Higher Education
  • Ismail Shillaev  Mining
  • D Duwa
  • Emmanuel Fundira

Farai Matebvu (Chairman) is a Senior Science Reporter with the Zimbabwe Inter-News Agency (New Ziana). He holds a B(Hon) degree in Media Studies from the Zimbabwe Open University, and is currently studying towards an MPhil in Media and Communication Studies with the same institution. He has been in the media for the past three years. Farai has attained certificates in Climate Change Journalism (UNESCO, British Council, Thomson Foundation)and Climate Change Advocacy for Media (Environmental Regional Organisation in conjunction with the International Institute for Environmental Development)

Gilbert MunetsiGilbert Munetsi (Secretary-General) has a total of 19 years working in both the Media and Public Relations fraternities. He holds a Diploma in Communications and Journalism, National Diploma in Public Relations, Certificate in Newspaper Product Development, Certificate in Broadcasting and three certificates in Environmental Reporting. In 2007 he was a beneficiary of the NSJ SADC Exchange Programme and for three months, was attached to the Blantyre Newspapers Ltd in Malawi. He has won five National Journalistic and Media Awards and serves as the first S-G of ZEJA.

Kudakwashe Mazuru

Kudakwashe Mazuru (Secretary, Resources and Archival Management) holds a National Diploma in Library and Information Science, and is currently studying for an Hons Degree in Library Information Science with the Zimbabwe Open University. He has been employed by the Zimbabwe Newspapers Group (1980) Ltd since 2002 and has the position of Deputy Chief Librarian. His duties, among a long list of others, include administration and maintenance of a comprehensive library and information service by cataloging and processing newspaper articles, literature and books. Such a wealth of experience, particularly in the area of administration, planning and organization will definitely benefit ZEJA as an association.

Patrice_MakovaPatrice Makova has been in journalism for a period spanning 15 years. After graduating with a National Diploma in Mass Communication, he joined the Zimbabwe Inter-Africa News Agency ( Ziana) as a Reporter in 1996 before moving to the Agency of the same organization for a three-year period. Thereafter, he served as Bureau Chief, after which he was engaged by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) as Bureau Chief for the Province of Manicaland. He was later promoted to News Editor, a position that brought him to Harare. Currently, Patrice is the Features Editor of one of Zimbabwe’s four dailies, The Mail. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Science, and is studying towards a Masters in Development Studies.

Laina MakuzhaLaina Makuzha is the ZEJA Vice-Chairperson for the Central Region. She has been a media practioner for the past 15 years, having worked for organisations that include The Midlands Observer, Masvingo Star, The Herald, Zimbabwe Farmers Union (Publishing Officer)and Africa Travel News. Currently, she is the Group Media and Publishing Specialist for the Afre Corporation Group. Laina holds qualifications in Mass Communication, Public Relations and Theology

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